“Destination X” i skolen

“Destination X” er et engasjerende brettspill der spillerne samarbeider om å fange en spion på rømmen. Spionen flykter fra land til land, og spillerne må samarbeide og bruke sin geografi-, historie- og samfunnsfaglig kunnskap for sammen å finne ut hvor spionen befinner seg. Spillet fungerer godt i både store og små grupper, og alle kan bidra uavhengig av kunnskapsnivå. Spillet passer godt til bruk i undervisning i både ungdoms- og videregående skole (eksempel på bruk er beskrevet i Bedre Skole nr 4, 2017).

For mer informasjon, bestilling, og tilleggsressurser ved bruk av spillet i skolen, klikk her for å gå til vår utdanningsside for “Destination X”

“Destination X” in schools

Besides being popular among families and gamers, “Destination X” has also become popular among teachers who use the game in schools. We are currently setting up a page with helpful resources that may facilitate the use of this game in educational settings.


Back from Essen

A big Thank You to everyone who visited our booth in Essen, where we presented our new games “Destination X” and “Santa Maria”. Returning from Essen we discovered that our manufacturer had about fifty additional copies of Santa Maria, and we have now made these available through our web shop . With the first print run now being almost entirely sold out, we are currently planning to reprint. Exactly when this will happen is not yet decided, as it depends on our manufacturer and partners.

For questions concerning distribution and retailing of our games, please use our contact form


“Santa Maria” gets great reception

“Santa Maria” was recently reviewed by Richard “Rahdo” Ham, and as you can see in this clip his final thoughts were quite favourable:


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